coamorous is a group of four international musicians who came together by chance in Seoul, South Korea and found they all had a passion for a kind of Tango not typically presented to Korean audiences. This group performs works of a level as such intrepid composers as Astor Piazzolla throughout Korea in an effort to introduce a higher level of Tango to as many people as possible. The kind of Tango they hope to introduce is one of soulful expression, intricately woven melodies, and sonorous harmonies.

In other words, this isn't your average Tango.


The members of coamorous are Anna Fedotova (Violin), Alexander Sheykin (Accordion), Andrey Vinichenko (Piano), and Jangkyoon Na (Double Bass). Having trained internationally in various styles of music during the course of their lives, the group currently resides in Seoul and performs in various halls and performance spaces throughout South Korea.

coamorous won the 1st Prize on 10th Osaka International Music Competition, Japan.

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